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About Our Theatre

The theatre-studio A.R.T. (Australian Russian Theatre) was founded on the 14th of November, 2003, by Veronika Buchatskaya-Ostin and Mikhail Ferentsev. First it was known as theatre-studio "OstrovOK". Within a few years the studio has transformed into an independent creative group, and in 2007 it got its current name -- A.R.T.

A.R.T. theatre-studio is an educational centre. Its main purpose is to teach students the art of performing and the basics of directing. The study program touches on most aspects of acting, i.e. of what one would study to receive a typical degree or certificate in dramatic arts: stage movement and speech; actor training, including a complex of exercises and sketches; stage make-up, stage costume, the basics of stage fight, the basics of directing, and so on, as needed.

The study program is based on the creative method of K. S. Stanislavsky, but during the lessons the students are introduced to concepts from other movements and approaches.

Every term is completed with a stage performance, through which the students are able to demonstrate what knowledge they have attained during their studies. That is why our performing repertoire seems so varied: drama, comedy, musical poem, parable, ballad, and so on.

During the classes every student gets an individual approach, due to the fact that the level of knowledge and training of every person is different. Students' individual qualities are taken into account to help them realise their full potential. As mentioned above, during the acting lessons various aspects of directing are touched upon, namely the construction of mise-en-scenes, stage lighting, sound, and special effects.

A one-year term typically includes six months of practical work in the studio and, as a result, a preparation of a graduation performance.

The lessons take place on Tuesdays and sometimes Thursdays from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Russian Club at Strathfield. The studies and the performances are in Russian, and lessons are open to all who are 17 years of age or older.

Director and teacher: Mikhail Ferentsev.


Our repertoire

  • 2004: "The Bear" - a comic sketch by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
  • 2005: "Strange People" - a stage adaptation of three stories by Vasily Shukshin
  • 2005: "Remembrance, Remembrance..." - a musical-poetic composition dedicated to 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II)
  • 2006: "Out of Order", a comedy by Ray Cooney (Russian title - "Him, Her, a Window, and a Dead One")
  • 2007: "An Ordinary Miracle" - a musical tale by Evgeny Shvarts
  • 2009: "Before the Roosters Call Thrice" - a parable by Vasily Shukshin
  • 2010: "Private Soldiers" - a ballad by Alexey Dudarev, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II)
  • 2011: "The Emigrant" - a contemporary comedy based on a play by Nikolai Erdman "The Suicide"
  • 2012: "The Contract" - a comedy by F. Veber
  • 2013: "Doomsday" - a simple life story based on a play by N. Kosmin "God in Your Soul"
  • 2014: "The Seagull" - a comedy by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
  • 2015: "Don't Leave Me..." - a war epic by Alexey Dudarev
  • 2015 (youth group): "The Trouble due to Gentle Heart" - a comedy by V. Sollogub (no English subtitles)
  • 2016: "Out of Mist There Came an Angel..." - a mystical comedy by P. Gladilin
  • 2017 (youth group): "Mousetrap" - a detective play by A. Christie (no English subtitles)
  • 2017: "The Haunted House" - a mystical comedy based on a play by N. Coward


Starting from 2010 all performances include English subtitles, unless otherwise noted.

Our actors are constantly taking part in various charity events, concerts, children Christmas parties, entertainment nights, and other programs.

Welcome to our performances!

photo made in 2010

photo made in 2013 (by Vladimir Kuzmin)

photo made in 2016 (by Vladimir Kuzmin)