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Theatre Director

Mikhail Ferentsev

Education - stage director, producer.

Graduated from Khabarovsk State Institute of Culture. Completed Higher Dramatic Art Degree at GITIS (Russian Academy of Theatre Arts). While in Russia, he was in charge of numerous concert programs, city fairs, festivals, contests, mass theatre performances. He also taught dramatic art and directing at Khabarovsk Institute of Art and Culture. Worked on TV as a director and producer, as well as a head of the advertising department.

Came to Australia in 1999. Since then he has staged a number of concert programs, three one-actor performances in co-authorship with Igor Yatsenko: "Russia - The Silver Century", "Performing Classics", "Light of a Distant Star". Took part in charity concerts as a director and host. Since 2003 he is a director and teacher of the theatre-studio A.R.T.

Performances (directed all of them) and roles (if applicable, shown in italics):

  • "Strange People", a stage adaptation of three stories by V. Shukshin
  • Smirnov in "The Bear", a comic sketch by A. Chekhov
  • "Remembrance, Remembrance..." - a musical-poetic composition dedicated to 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II)
  • Richard Willey in "Out of Order", a comedy by R. Cooney
  • Wizard in "An Ordinary Miracle", a musical tale by E. Shvarts
  • Wise Man in "Before the Roosters Call Thrice", a parable by V. Shukshin
  • Dervoed in "Private Soldiers", a ballad by A. Dudarev
  • Aristarkh in "The Emigrant", a contemporary comedy based on a play by N. Erdman "The Suicide"
  • Felix in "The Contract", a comedy by F. Veber
  • 1-st Man in "Doomsday", a simple life story based on a play by N. Kosmin "God In Your Soul"
  • Dorn in "The Seagull", a comedy by A. Chekhov
  • "Don't Leave Me...", a war lyric by A. Dudarev
  • Angel Gavriil in "Out of Mist There Came an Angel...", a mystical comedy by P. Gladilin
  • "The Haunted House", a mystical comedy by N. Coward